The 2015 Dietary Guidelines have just been released and getting more progressive every year. However, media people are likely to get confused with the mandate to lower cholesterol intake, since it is contradicted by some of the recommendations therein. For example:

1. The guidelines give one whole page of various dairy products (rich in cholesterol) as the primary source of calcium (without mention of plants such as cooked cabbage ~ 150 mg in one cup).

2. Likewise, improving Vitamin D levels is addressed with a whole page of various animal meats (rich in cholesterol), without mention of our main source - sun exposure.

3. All this not withstanding, the report concludes that teens are eating too much protein (i.e. meat and cheese). Ha!

4. It is frustrating that the Glossary definition for protein draws from a prevailing nineteenth century mentality, which links protein to animal cells, disregarding the fact that plants are the source of protein for the largest herbivores on the planet.

The influence of industry is relentless and vigilance is crucial