Improve Your Health With Food

ABOUT DR. NEGRÓN: ➤ “Cooking is a unique and integral part of my practice.”

Board certified in family medicine since 1976, Ana M. Negrón M.D. owns a nutrition solo practice,

teaches younger physicians the role of food in medicine,

and volunteers her medical services at a clinic for the uninsured.

Office consultations are designed to

*Evaluate and improve your nutritional status,

*Lower inflammation and cut back the need for many medications,

*Lose weight.

Published in June 2015 by Sunstone Press Nourishing the Body and Recovering Health: The Positive Science of Food

is an antidote to our current reliance on drugs and supplements, and a guide to more conscious eating.       

MYTH: Many people expect to gain weight and develop chronic symptoms as part of getting older.

This is common on the typical American diet, but it is not normal or inevitable.



Excellent plant based nutrition lowers inflammation which is at the root of chronic illnesses. It reverses obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction. Good nourishment can relieve asthma, arthritis, fatigue, depression, Parkinson’s, benign  prostate enlargement, irritable bowel, painful menstruations, kidney stones, acne, and lends critical support through cancer treatment. A better diet eliminates acid reflux and constipation; improves inattention, bone health, and gum healing; replenishes energy, restores sleep, and more. Within a month you lose many symptoms and if necessary some weight.

Your primary doctor gets a brief summary, so that together you can begin adjusting your medications.


FOR AN APPOINTMENT please call:  (610) 525-6246, Extension 4

The first visit will take about ninety minutes. Follow up sessions are scheduled as needed.

600 Haverford Ave, Suite 200                                  12 Paoli Pike, Suite 3

Haverford, PA 19041                                                Paoli, PA 19301

Wednesday 9 am to 7 pm                                        Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and weekends   

FEE: Please bring $100 in cash or check. You may also use PayPal.

We do not accept credit cards or process insurance. Sliding scale is available upon request, no one is turned away.   

Your may submit the coded paid invoice to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

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          Ana M. Negrón M.D.