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Party foods eat up your money and if you keep them in the house it is quite likely that you and your family are using them as staple. Sport drinks, sodas, chips, bagels, ice cream, cookies, boxed cereals, power bars, cakes, pastries, sweet breads, and cheese do not replace whole food. 

Beef, chicken, and cheese, are not nutritious foods the way plants are. Foods derived from animals are the primary dietary source of saturated fat regardless of how you cook them.

Factory shaped, flavored, colored, salted, sweetened, and fried, convenience items are packaged to catch our attention, with no regard for nutrition. High in calories and fat, party foods lure young and old—the industry knows how to promote them. 

The body communicates with with us by way of energy and vitality, but also with heartburn, fatigue, chronic cough, constipation, cramps, and joint aches. If these are your symptoms, examine the connection between them and your food choices. Before you reach for another pill ask yourself: Could I be feeding a symptom?

A balanced diet includes plenty of leafy greens, colorful vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. 

We would not eat a tablespoon of oregano or half a cup of salt anymore than we should eat a stick of butter or a bowlful of sugar.  Condiments add flavor, but are not the substance of a meal.  

Make every bite count, support your health.